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  • Baileigh DP-15VSF Drill Press

    DP-15VSF baileigh drill pressIf you are looking to buy a performance oriented drill press, please check Baileigh DP-15VSF Drill Press as well. This is a high quality drill press, which is made by the popular Baileigh brand. This is a belt-driven variable speed unit that comes with a powerful one-HP motor. The 1-hp drill press motor on either 110V or 220V on single phase.

    Since it comes with variable speed so it lets the MT2 spindle turn at any speed ranging from 400RPM to 5000RPM. Baileigh DP-15VSF Drill Press is the perfect tool for the woodwork related stuffs. It also comes with a digital readout that helps in knowing the operating speed. And it features a 6-inch spindle stroke.

    Baileigh DP-15VSF Drill Press is durable drilling machine that comes with a large 3-inch diameter column that allows 15-inch swing. It has 14-inch by 18-inch table with 5/8-inch T-slots for handling larger projects. The drill press table also features a rack and pinion system for up/down movement of the table. Amazingly, Baileigh DP-15VSF Drill Press features a halogen work-light t light-up the working area.


    • Spindle Travel: 6″
    • Length: 30″
    • Height: 71″
    • Spindle Travel: 6″
    • Swing: 15″
    • Power: 110V
    • Table Size (Width): 18″
    • Drill Capacity: .625″
    • Weight: 300 lbs.
    • Horse Power: 1 HP
    • Table Size (Length): 14″
    • Width: 20″
    • Spindle: MT2

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  • Baileigh DP-1250VS Drill Press

    Baileigh Drill Press - DP-1250VSBaileigh DP-1250VS is a long lasting drill press. This is a floor drill press that is very powerful because it features a sturdy base and column that deliver stable performance even in the toughest drilling tasks. It features 20.8 swing and so it can be a good addition to any machinery and fabrication shop.


    • 25 inches mild steel drilling capacity
    • 4 Morse taper to transfer the power from the spindle to the quill
    • Powered by a powerful 2-hp motor that runs on 220-volt of single-phase power
    • It has variable drilling speed ranging from 85-rpm to 2000-rpm
    • Auto-reversing tap function with up to 0.75-inch capacity
    • Digital display to show the actual quill rpm
    • 220-inch x 18.5-inch table with sturdy base is made of high quality iron casting for the impressive rigidity
    • Wider column to provide the needed support and rigidity to minimize flexing even in the toughest drilling operation
    • A large 0.625-inch T-slots enable fixture and vise to hold your material very securely
    • The coolant system at the base sprays out at the quill behind the splash and safety guard to extend drill bit and tap lifespan
    • A one-year of limited warranty and lifetime technical support attached with this Baileigh drill press.


    • Tapping Capacity: 3/4″
    • Base Dimensions L x W: 27″ x 19″
    • Spindle Speed Low: 65 – 540 rpm
    • Column Diameter: 4.52″
    • Power: 220V / 1-phase
    • Quill Diameter: 2.95″
    • Table Slot: .625″
    • Drill Capacity: 1.5″
    • Spindle Nose to Base: 48.22″
    • Spindle Travel: 5.9″
    • Table Size: 22″ x 18.5″
    • Spindle Taper: MT 4
    • Item Number: DP-1250VS
    • Main Motor: 2 hp
    • Spindle Nose to Table: 36.41″
    • Swing: 20.8″
    • Spindle Speed High: 245 – 2000 U / 1 min
    • Shipping Dimensions: 40″ x 25″ x 83″
    • Shipping Weight: 847 lbs.


  • Baileigh DP-1000VS 1″ Inverter Driven Drill Press

    Baileigh 1 Inverter Driven Drill Press - DP-1000VSBaileigh DP-1000VS 1″ Inverter Driven Drill Press is a variable speed drill press that delivers impressive performance even it runs on the full capacity. Of course, it will last years after years without any doubts. This is not a pulley drill press but it is a high quality 16-inch drill press which is good for most of the tooling related works at impressive speed. It can surely fit your application and will surely increase tooling life.


    • The inverter driven head drill machine comes with the drilling capacity of one-inch steel.
    • Auto-reversing tap comes with a tapping capacity of 5/8-inch steel.
    • Supported speed ranges from 150 to 3000 rpm
    • It comes with wide steel column to get rid of flexing even drilling at the full capacity.
    • The drill head features a safety shield to protect you and the halogen light is good to illuminate the working area.
    • It also has a coolant system, which is an advanced feature that can’t be found with most of the drill presses.
    • One-year of warranty and lifetime technical support by phone
    • Features 2-hp motor that requires 220-volt single-phase power, which can be used in most of the shops.


    • Table Size: 18.1″ x 14.2″
    • Shipping Weight: 579 lbs.
    • Power: 220V Single Phase
    • Main Motor: 2 hp
    • Tapping Capacity Steel: 5/8″
    • Item Number: DP-1000VS
    • Spindle Taper: MT 3
    • Quill Diameter: 2.44″
    • Drill Capacity Steel: 1″
    • Spindle Nose to Base: 45.3″
    • Spindle Travel: 5.3″
    • Table Slot: .625″
    • Spindle Nose to Table: 23.8″
    • Spindle Speed: 150 – 3000 rpm
    • Base Dimensions L x W: 27″ x 19″
    • Shipping Dimensions: 48″ x 44″ x 82″
    • Drill Capacity Cast Iron: 1.25″
    • Tapping Capacity Cast Iron: 3/4″
    • Column Diameter: 3.62″


  • Baileigh DP-1000G Gear Driven Drill Press

    Baileigh Gear Driven Drill Press - DP-1000GIf you are looking to by an economical gear head drill press then Baileigh DP-1000G Gear Driven Drill Press is the good tool for you. You can deploy this drill press in fabrication or machine shop because it runs on 100 volts electricity. It can easily drill mild steel with up to one-inch drill bit. Baileigh DP-1000G Gear Driven Drill Press features a heavy cast iron base and adjustable table for all your drilling convenience.

    The gear head drill press by Baileigh uses an ample column to minimize flexing. Since the machine comes with a gear head so it can easily be adjusted upside or downside of the column. It features the transmission that comes with various speeds, which are good for drilling and tapping various materials. Also, Baileigh Drill Press comes standard with a halogen light and protective guarding for all your drilling convenience.

    This is a high quality gear head drill press that will surely be liked by you because it delivers impressive performance. And the drill press is based on a powerful 1.5-hp motor.


    • Table Size: 19.75″ x 13.75″
    • Motor: 1.5 hp
    • Item Number: DP-1000G
    • Spindle Taper: MT 3
    • Drill Capacity: 1″
    • Tapping Capacity: 5/8″
    • Spindle Speed: 125, 420, 535, 1740 rpm
    • Shipping Dimensions: 66″ x 22″ x 28″
    • Base Dimensions: L x W 15.5″ x 19.5″
    • Power: 110V
    • Spindle Travel: 5.3″
    • Shipping Weight: 484 lbs.