Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill

Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill

Did you know that the Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill, is one of the world’s best drill press machines that delivers the best in every function? Its serves well to drill accurate holes in metals, woods and also other types of materials that need drilling of holes! The question is, what features will determine the best kind of the drill press machine? What considerations must be put in place when choosing the best? All these are answered by the excellent Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill press that has all the quality features that define the best drill press!

Choosing one out of the many varieties of the drill press machines may be a challenge to you. This article will help you in explaining the reasons why you need to consider the fantastic Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 that is among the highly rated drill press machines at Amazon! It’s the quality features that it possesses that has made it to be one of the best-selling devices in the market! If convenience, longevity and also affordability is what you are seeking in a drill press, then for sure you should settle for the fantastic Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28!

Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 Magnetic DrillKey features

Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill delivers fantastic drills with a 6-inch stroke length that’s able to dig even the deeper holes. The heavy-duty magnetic holding power is another great feature that will ensure that the drilling machine is kept in position hence preventing the sideways twisting! What you get at the end is the precise holes free from any error that results from the sideways shifting.

Everyone will require a tool that will last longer since this drill press machines are expensive! Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill press has high-quality construction that allows it to last longer!  You will also admire other features, such as the internal coolant system that ensures that the machine is kept cool after work. Remember, this machine works as it generates heat! When this happens, there is a lot of discomfort with the heat that is created! The coolant system enhances comfort while operating with your machine!

The left enhances more comfort to right handles that this leading drill press machine has. Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill press is designed in a way that it offers the maximum comfort all the time during operation. The cutting diameter is also well set, and it ranges between1-1/8 inch diameter. The cutting depth is 2 inches hence an assurance of quality and precise drills all the time.

Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 has a 6-inch stroke length; therefore, you are sure to have the convenience drilling deeper holes that can extend to a 6-inch depth! Its operations are also other reasons that has made it to be the best option! Everyone likes the heavy duty magnetic holding power hat is responsible for the delivery of the sufficient drilling power for greater efficiency! Longevity will also be assured with the top-rated Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 which has a high-quality material constriction! Durable machines are always the best following the economic advantage that they offer! No one has a lot of money for purchasing the drill press annually! It’s therefore imperative to settle for the durable machines such as Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28!

Every drilling operation uses power and will generate energy at the same time! The outstanding Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 has an integrated coolant system that is responsible for the cooling of the machine after long hours of operations! The feature is an assurance for comfort during the drilling, and the user will enjoy convenience with this leading machine. Worth mentioning is the well fitted left to right handles, the sufficient cutting diameter and also the 2-inch cutting depth! This feature makes the Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 be a better option for the drill press machines!

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Important Details:

  • Warranty Description: 3 Years
  • Size: 1-5/8″ x 2″
  • Left or right handles
  • Product Dimensions: 19 x 9 x 13 inches
  • Included Components: 1/2″ Chuck & Key
  • 6 inch stroke length
  • High quality construction
  • Item model number: EVOMAG28
  • 7/16″- 1-1/8″ Cutting Diameter
  • Style: Portable Magnetic Drill
  • Integrated coolant system
  • 2″ Depth of Cut
  • Heavy-duty magnetic holding power
  • Item Weight: 38 pounds


Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 is one of the most excellent options! It will be useful while drilling holes in woods, metals, and all other materials that you can think of! It’s the durability, comfort, and the most exceptional convenience that has made it be one of the positive choices! Make a point of getting one from amazon at the most cost valid prices, and for sure you will admire the quality convenience that it will accord you!

To conclude, Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill is the best choice that is available at Amazon! It’s receiving the best consumer reviews, and it has emerged to be one of the best-selling drill press machines at an affordable price! If your interest is comfort and convenience, then this durable Evolution Power Tools EVOMAG28 1-1/8″ Magnetic Drill press machine should be in your workshop!

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